Who are we?

Australian Solar Brokers is a team of solar energy brokers dedicated to enabling solar energy services for our members and solar partners. Our brokers are experienced solar professionals who act as unbiased, trusted advisors through every step of the process.

Why partner with us?

At Australian Solar Brokers, we do all the upfront work so you can focus on your core business.

We know that solar installers in Australia get hundreds of unqualified leads and calls from prospective customers. For each potential solar installation, multiple installers conduct the same preliminary work. This causes installers to have high customer acquisition costs in both time and money. Instead, installers should be focusing on their core business. And this is exactly where we can help!

We understand that finding qualified, quality installations is an ongoing frustration that most solar installers experience. As an Australian Solar Brokers partner, we’ll provide you with access to qualified, quality installations without having to do any preliminary work – thus, reducing your ongoing customer acquisition costs.

It’s important to note that we are not a lead generator. We operate as a genuine brokerage service, meaning any contacts we establish are nurtured by us and only passed on to our partners when the customer is confident and ready to proceed with an installation.

Additional Benefits

  • Receive an end to end, turnkey solution

  • Complete your installation with confidence while payment is kept in escrow for safe keeping (learn more here)

  • Focus on your core business while we handle all the preliminary work, including the facilitation of finance approval

  • Receive a Nearmap roof design prepared by one of our expert Brokers, to assist with every installation